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Do I have to do unpaid work experience/internships?

Do I have to do unpaid work experience/internships?

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By Atwood Tate

You should always be paid for any work experience or internships you do, except those taken as part of a course of study, or those where you are only shadowing an employee and do not complete any actual work yourself. Many publishing houses offer paid internships. Follow @pubinterns on Twitter, as well as the accounts of any publishers you’re interested in working for. Many advertise paid internships directly.

However, internships are NOT the only way to gain experience. If you have some admin experience, you can try temping. This is a great way to get a foot in the door and be paid for your work. Get in touch with us at Atwood Tate for temping opportunities!

Published November 2017 as part of #workinpublishing week.

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