Audio Publisher

Senior Level // Audio Department

What does an Audio Publisher do?

An audio publisher oversees all aspects of audio publishing within a publishing business. This includes rights acquisition, schedule management, casting, production, distribution. They also work closely with other departments such as rights, sales, marketing, publicity. An audio publisher formulates the overall imprint or business audio strategy and is responsible for the successful implementation of that strategy. They will typically be responsible for managing a team of audio editors and assistants. 

What is an Audio Publisher good at?

Audio publishing is a fast-moving, digital-focused sector and an audio publisher’s skillset reflects this. You need to be focused and forward-thinking; able to engage with a large number of ongoing projects and manage those projects effectively; understand changes and developing trends in the marketplace and respond quickly; collaborate effectively with a wide range of individuals, departmental functions and external service providers; provide effective leadership for their team.

Who does an Audio Publisher work with?

An audio publisher works with all internal departments – editorial, rights, sales, marketing, publicity, commercial, art and production. They also typically work very closely with external audio production companies, voice talent agents, authors and their agents, audiobook customers (such as Audible and Apple) and with internal recording facilities if available.

How do I become an Audio Publisher?

Some traditional publishing roles (particularly in production and editorial) provide useful skills that are easily transferable to an audio publishing context. You could also gain valuable experience working with talent agents, recording studios and other businesses that audio publishers regularly engage with. Digital publishing knowledge is also beneficial. Growing demand for original audio content is creating more opportunities for individuals in audiobook commissioning roles from elsewhere (from within publishing, or from radio, TV, etc.).