Communications Director

Senior Level // Communications Department

What does a Communications Director do?

A Communications Director is responsible for sharing messages about the company to staff inside the company as well as to the wider world. A Communications Director would be excellent at writing stories and using digital channels to send them out to journalists and other media. They look after the reputation and brand of the company and would be responding to stories as well as generating them and will often be the person who speaks on important issues on behalf of the company.

A Communications Director will have had experience in public relations, publicity and other communications roles and will likely want to manage a small team of people. They will have good contacts with journalists and be creative with both writing and numbers. They will be especially good at building relationships with other colleagues and people outside of the organisation. 

What is a Communications Director good at?

  • Communication; build relationships to work with lots of different types of people and communicate messages about the company
  • Writing; write stories using professional language including writing and designing presentations  
  • Influencing; persuading journalists to write good stories about your company, paying attention to detail
  • Time management; meet deadlines and manage lots of projects at the same time including planning for projects ahead of time
  • Leadership; inspire and manage teams, lead projects and be able to work independently

Who does a Communications Director work with?

A Communications Director works closely with a team of people, as well as all parts of the publishing business.

How do I become a Communications Director?

A Communications Director will typically move from a senior communications role, such as Head of Communications. Jobs in marketing and publicity can also give you the skills you need to progress into a career in communications.

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