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March 2020
  • Date 10 March 2020
    Summary Since its inception in 2008, the Charles Clark Memorial Lecture has grown to be the most important copyright event at The London Book Fair—the home of global copyright trading in the publishing industry. Supported by representative bodies from across the publishing industry—the Publishers Association, Copyright Licensing Agency, the Federation of European Publishers, the Publishers’ Licensing Services and the International Publishers Association—the lecture focusses on key developments in the world of copyright.
  • Date 11 March 2020
    Summary The Publishers Association’s Accessibility Action Group is proud to present this popular annual seminar on ebook accessibility at The London Book Fair, concentrating this year on providing an up-to-the minute overview of progress being made on international strategies for publishing accessible ebooks. Increasing accessibility in file formats, platforms, devices and apps means that the book industry can publish their mainstream content direct to all their readers in a way that has never been possible before. For the many people who are unable to read standard print this provides the chance to have access to the same books, at the same price and at the same time as everyone else. There has been a lot of international activity surrounding the accessibility of econtent and this seminar will explore the latest developments around the globe—initiatives that can assist publishers in their born accessible journey. A reflection on the international landscape will...
  • Date 11 March 2020
    Summary The panel will examine how artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the UK publishing industry. The initial findings of the Publishers Association’s AI in publishing report, due for release later this year with Frontier Economics, will also be discussed. This seminar is sponsored by Publishers' Licensing Services – Collective licensing and rights management services for UK publishers.
  • Date 12 March 2020
    Summary Our industry is unique in that we are in a position to both embrace diversity in our workforce and reflect the rich diversity of our own society in the types content we publish. As such, the topic of diversity is increasingly being seen as an opportunity for publishers and the wider industry to become more innovative, creative and harder working. In this session, the International Publishers Association will lead a deep dive into diversity, highlighting key initiatives that have the power to change and contribute to a more open, diverse and inclusive publishing industry.
  • Date 12 March 2020
    Summary This seminar is jointly organised by the Publishers Association and the International Publishers Association. The panel will discuss online accountability and how the relationship between publishers and online platforms will develop. This will include a legal view about enforcement frameworks in the UK and EU, and future trends for the UK’s implementation of the European Copyright Directive. This seminar is sponsored by Publishers' Licensing Services – Collective licensing and rights management services for UK publishers.