Membership fees


Subscription fees are based on your annual UK publishing turnover, calculated either at a fixed (Bands 1-3) or variable rate (Bands 4-5a). Membership Criteria and Definition of Turnover are available below.

To apply, please contact us. You will also need to provide:

  • a sample publication;
  • a current catalogue or intended publishing programme in the UK.

Subscription Fees

BandTurnover Subscription (excl VAT)Rate per £1,000 turnover over bottom of band
1aUp to £250k £250n/a
1b£250,001 – £500,000£495n/a
1c£500,001 – £1,000,000£995n/a
1d£1,000,001 – £2.5m £1,995n/a
2Over £2.5m£3,085n/a
3Over £4.5m£5,145n/a
4Over £9m£14,740 plus £0.945 per £1,000 over £9 million and pro rata
5Over £18m£23,257plus £0.675 per £1,000 over £18 million and pro rata
5aOver £34m£34,072plus £0.460 per £1,000 over £34 million and pro rata

Contact us

For any questions about membership subscriptions, application, renewals and benefits, please contact us.

You can also apply online – please read the membership criteria below before applying.

Membership Criteria

Membership of the Publishers Association is open to bona fide publishers carrying on the business of publishing within the UK. The Council, which meets five times a year, decides on all applications for membership. When considering membership applications the Council is required to satisfy itself that the following criteria have been met.

  1. The applicant should be engaged in the United Kingdom in the business of commissioning, producing and issuing original works of copyright in a form and quantity suitable for sale to the general public;
  2. The applicant by virtue of its business practice must be deemed to be more than just a subsidy or vanity publisher;
  3. The applicant must have an office in the United Kingdom; and
  4. The applicant must be able to demonstrate that the United Kingdom market is a principal or significant focus of the applicant’s publishing activities.

The Council normally shall not grant membership to an applicant who does not satisfy each of the above criteria, but otherwise, the Council has absolute discretion to grant or refuse membership to any applicant.

Definition of Turnover

For the purpose of calculating subscription, the turnover that must be declared is that resulting from:

  • Book sales: Home and export sales by member companies (including sales to overseas offices, subsidiary companies and agents) of books, learned journals, book-related materials, including audio-visual aids, software, and electronic publications; book and/or printed sheet sales to book clubs, other publishers (including foreign publishers), etc.; remainders and all other special sales; packaging activities.
  • Sublease Income: This includes the publisher’s share of all income deriving from subleasing of volume, electronic and reprographic rights*
  • Learned Journals: For subscription purposes, a learned journal is defined as one that exists mainly to publish the results of original research, discussion, analytical papers and associated materials, such as reviews and the current state of subject knowledge, for academic or other scholarly readership and whose primary source of revenue is not the sale of advertisement space.
  • Electronic publications: including software. 

*Paperback rights; book club rights; special editions (e.g. educational, large print, library); extract, anthology and quotation; digest; one-shot; second serial; picturisation; right of entry into publisher’s market; translation rights; mechanical reproduction and reprographic rights; electronic and software publishing rights.

Financial year for subscription purposes

For subscription purposes, the financial year in respect of which turnover must be declared is the member’s accounting year that terminated during the twelve months up to September of the previous year for Bands 2 to 5a and the closest financial year for those in Band 1.


Subscriptions are liable to VAT at the standard rate.

Not a publisher? Join as an Associate Member.

Membership is open to non-publishers through our Associate Membership.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership of the Publishers Association is open to non-publishers who want to work closely with us and our members, and build their business profile in the publishing community.

As an Associate Member, you will be able: 

  • Stay up-to-date with current developments in the publishing industry   
  • Develop productive relationships with industry professionals    
  • Increase the visibility of your business    
  • Benefit from events, meetings and networking opportunities we provide

Associate Membership is open to Individuals (freelancers, sole traders and self-employed) and Businesses with membership fees based upon turnover.

Subscription Rates

The annual subscription for Associate Membership is based upon business turnover:

Turnover       Fee
< £50k*£100.00
£50k – £250k£250.00
£250k – £1m£995.00
£1m – £5m£1,995.00
£5m <£2,995.00

*For individuals only. Individuals with a turnover of more than £50k are requested to apply for the higher membership bracket.

All fees exclusive of VAT. Membership is for a term of 12-months. Membership is continuing unless 60 days’ notice is given in writing or via email of intention of resigning from membership.

How to Apply

To apply for Associate Membership, please email your completed application to or post it to the following address: Publishers Association, First Floor, 50 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN.

Once your membership is approved by Council, we will supply a welcome pack with login details for our website and the Associate Member logo.

Benefits of Associate Membership

  1. Be recognised as a preferred supplier. Applications are approved by Council.
  2. Entry in the Member Directory on our website with your logo, a profile and contact details.
  3. Use of the Associate Member logo on your corporate stationary and website.
  4. Attendance at our events on same terms as members (either free-of-charge or at a discounted rate) including our AGM and Summer Reception.
  5. Member rate on our Book Fair Service, an easy one-stop service for all major book fairs. Our Book Fair Service offers an efficient and cost-effective way to make the most of your participation in an overseas fair.
  6. Attendance at a range of our technical and community publishing committees and groups where applicable.
  7. Promote your products or services on our social media channels.
  8. A copy of the Publishing Yearbook – the definitive source for statistics on the UK book publishing industry and the journal market.
  9. Use our meeting space in central London. AV facilities and refreshments provided.
  10. Access to free and discounted products and services, including Simply Docs for template business documents and legal contracts, and our GDPR toolkit for publishing.
  11. Display promotional material on our stands at various book fairs, including London, Beijing, Frankfurt or Shanghai**.
  12. Banner advert on our website. Promote your business, service or products on our homepage for two-weeks at preferential rates*.
  13. Advertise your business in our member e-newsletter every six-months*.
  14. Advertise in the Publishing Yearbook at preferential rates. Copies of our annual publication are sent to Members, MPs and civil servants, and the launch of the Yearbook regularly receives national coverage across print, digital and television media outlets.
  15. Exclusive sponsorship opportunities for our events, including our AGM and conferences. In exchange for whole or part sponsorship, receive exposure to our members and delegates*.
  16. Promotion of your product or service as a member benefit. Offer a discount for our members and we will promote your product or service as a member benefit on our website and any other relevant membership materials.

*Subject to availability.
**Shipping costs to be incurred by you.

Read the Associate Membership Terms and Conditions here.