Work in Publishing

Publishing is the home of creativity and communication. It’s where the world’s most brilliant and original minds bring their ideas to be presented to the world. From research scientists to children’s book illustrators, from celebrity chefs to Nobel Laureates, publishing is about communicating ideas and connecting people with content that matters. Publishers are at the heart of the information economy, getting those ideas out to the world and the people that need them. 

Work in Publishing Week

Work in Publishing Week is taking place from Monday 15th to Friday 19th November this year.

Our national campaign to inspire people to pursue a career in publishing includes events, activity across social media and content on our website.

We aim to:     

  • Provide practical support and guidance for those looking to enter the industry including CV and interview tips;
  • Showcase the breadth of career opportunities in publishing, from editorial to IT, through case studies and job profiles;
  • Champion industry professionals from a diverse range of diverse backgrounds through Q&As with professionals at all levels of the publishing business;
  • Challenge common myths and assumptions about the industry (e.g. that a ‘creative’ career isn’t a secure one)

Download the Work in Publishing 2021 Toolkit below