Marketing Manager

Management Level // Marketing Department

What does a Marketing Manager do?

A Marketing Manager plans, implements and manages campaigns for a range of titles. They understand the value of an audience first approach and is constantly looking at building relationships to achieve platform growth and drive book sales. They also develop the digital and social media voice when planning and implementing social media advertising campaigns. 

Other duties include writing copy for book proofs and print materials as well as managing spend on campaigns to ensure the campaigns are delivered within budget. 

What is a Marketing Manager good at?

  • Communication 
  • Organisation 
  • Project management 
  • Time management 
  • Event management 
  • Analytical; monitoring and analysing market trends 
  • Collaboration; working with all teams across the organisation 
  • Passionate; about books and connecting the books to the right people

Who does a Marketing Manager work with?

A Marketing Manager works collaboratively with sales and publicity to deliver joined-up campaigns. 

How do I become a Marketing Manager?

Editorial background is sometimes considered beneficial with an understanding of the publishing process being preferred. 

Experience in running campaigns is essential to this role and most of the time Marketing Managers will have progressed from a Marketing Assistant or Marketing Executive role. 

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