Artist or Illustrator

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What does an Illustrator do?

Illustrators create images and drawings to communicate an idea or story, which are then used in various forms such as books, newspapers, magazines, greeting cards and advertisements. Illustrators have the ability to understand and reinterpret a text written by an author which they then communicate into an illustration. 

Illustrators tend to specialise in certain avenues within illustration such as children’s book illustration or editorial illustration. Most of the time an Artist or Illustrator will work freelance , with most being self-employed. 

What is an Illustrator good at?

  • Creativity; innovative and imaginative with an understanding of the importance of typography and colour 
  • Communication; with clients, editors and authors 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Time management 
  • Research

Who does an Illustrator work with?

An Illustrator works with agents, various clients, editors and authors.

How do I become an Illustrator?

More often than not specific qualifications are not required to become an Artist or Illustrator however, a strong portfolio showcasing skills is essential. Some Artists and Illustrators will choose to attend an art school to build up a portfolio and hone in on specific skills. 

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