Our work

We work to ensure the value of publishing and the contribution it makes culturally and economically is understood.

We aim to do this by building a strong evidence base as well as by liaising with governments across the world about key policies and laws that impact and support publishing.

Our work encompasses campaigns, policy, public affairs and research. We also provide a range of key member services including export and content protection support.

Areas of activity include advocating for strong copyright laws at home and abroad, working to end VAT discrimination on digital publications and promoting diversity and inclusion within publishing.

Our research

The Publishers Association conducts extensive research activities on a variety of topics, working with a range of organisations.

We capture our insights in reports covering all areas of interest of the publishing industry.


Export Toolkit

The Export Toolkit is a resource for publishers to get them started on the business of exporting their books round the world, or to help them improve their approach and performance.

Book Fair Services

We provide all publishers with an easy one-stop service for all major book fairs. Our Book Fair Services offer an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce the amount of time spent organising participation.

Content Protection

We conduct a range of work and provide services across the area of Copyright Protection and Enforcement. 

The Copyright Infringement Portal is our independent online system to help combat digital piracy.


Love Audio

Love Audio aims to raise the profile of audiobooks, the fastest growing format in publishing.

Save Our Books

Save Our Books is a campaign by UK authors, literary agents, publishers and other supportive partners to prevent the government from heading the wrong way on copyright.

Work in Publishing

Work in Publishing aims to inspire young people aged 14-24 to pursue a career in publishing.