Digital Marketing Manager

Management Level // Marketing Department

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

Digital Marketing Managers look after the overall running of and strategy for digital marketing platforms and social media accounts for the company, as well as working on the digital aspects of book marketing campaigns.

This can include setting up Pay Per Click advertising on websites and social media platforms, creating content such as videos, photos and designed images for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, writing emails that go out to subscribers, and creating briefs for websites.

Creativity is a large part of being a Digital Marketing Manager, as an understanding of photography, videography, design and even animation can come in very handy. You also need to be able to explain your vision to designers, developers and freelancers in briefs.

What is a Digital Marketing Manager good at?

  • Digital Communication; a good understanding of different platforms and technologies, and keeping up to date with new standards in digital communication
  • Teamwork; able to communicate across departments with designers and freelancers
  • Creative; skills such as photography, design and typography with an understanding of HTML and websites

Who does a Digital Marketing Manager work with?

A Digital Marketing Manager works within the larger Marketing department, which usually includes a Head of Marketing or Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing Executives, Assistants and Graphic Designers. They also work closely with the Sales and Editorial departments, as well as Business Affairs / Legal to be across the latest legislation such as GDPR.

How do I become a Digital Marketing Manager?

Digital Marketing Managers often start out as general Marketing Assistants or Coordinators, but decide to specialise due to an interest in online media and social channels.

A degree is not always necessary, but a specialist qualification such as a Digital Marketing Diploma from an organisation such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing is very useful for getting a role.