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Publishing brings ideas and stories to life.

We produce trusted information. We connect creators and audiences. We invest in people and ideas. And we underpin the global knowledge economy. ​

We take the risks and discover the talent that no-one else can.  We think long-term about how to better serve the reader, ​learner or researcher.  

We are active partners in reading and learning in all its forms. We are the catalyst that brings to life the creativity and innovation associated with all human endeavour.​

At a time when the pandemic has driven us apart and society has become more polarised, we help people create moments of true connection – sharing what they love, debating ideas and celebrating the voices that mean most to them. ​

As our country strives to build a global future, publishing is Britain’s best envoy, sharing our language, culture, expertise and stories with the world.​

And our shared story has just begun.

Information about publishing


There are a fantastic range of careers in publishing.


Our members support a number of initiatives around diversity and inclusion.

Reading for pleasure

The UK publishing industry is dedicated to promoting reading for pleasure.

  • The UK publishing industry has a turnover of £6bn, with export income accounting for almost 60% of revenues.
  • The UK is the largest exporter of books in the world.
  • The publishing industry directly employs 29,000 people in the UK and supports more than 70,000 jobs.
  • The industry’s exports also generate a £1.1bn trade surplus annually, reducing the UK’s trade deficit by 2.2%.
  • Publishing is the bedrock of the UK creative industries as a whole, with top films, TV shows and plays inspired first and foremost by books. 52% of the top 20 box office UK produced films were based on published material. These films grossed £1.5bn in UK box office revenue and £22.5bn globally, accounting for 61% of total UK box office gross and 65% globally.


Our work is supported by a research programme which focuses on highlighting the contribution of the UK publishing industry.

We work with different organisations to deliver research reports, including economic consultancies, political think tanks and charity partners. 

We submit responses to government consultations and select committee inquiries and prepare briefing documents on key issues for our members.

We also collate key industry statistics, including our Publishing Yearbook, and carry out an annual industry workforce survey.

All our research about publishing can be found in our publications directory

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