Rights Executive

Entry Level // Rights Department

What does a Rights Executive do?

A Rights Executive is responsible for selling co-editions and rights in specified territories.

What is a Rights Executive good at?

  • Passionate; about promoting and selling, persuading publishers is a significant part of the role 
  • Enthusiastic; motivated self-starter who can establish strong working relationships 
  • Organised; able to work to well under pressure
  • Communication; foreign language skills are not a necessity but they can be an advantage

Who does a Rights Executive work with?

Rights Executives tend to work with the Senior Rights Manager, Rights Director, Editorial team and Production department. 

How do I become a Rights Executive?

There are several different routes to becoming a Rights Executive. Gaining experience and starting as a Rights Assistant is one way of progressing and becoming a Rights Executive. Internships are an invaluable way of getting a good insight into international publishing as well as teaching you the required skills for the job. Having proven experience in sales and working in a sales environment helps you to be considered for a role in rights. 

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