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Big data, new technology and creativity abound: Meet the SAGE Campus team
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Big data, new technology and creativity abound: Meet the SAGE Campus team

By Katie Metzler, Head of Methods Innovation, SAGE Publishing

SAGE Campus partners with world-leading institutions to bring online data science courses for social scientists. 

As learning, education and research change, SAGE Publishing is constantly on the lookout for new ways in which we can support the scholarly community. Today, in an age of big data and new technologies, researchers within the social sciences have opportunities to analyze information in ways that were previously thought impossible. Yet this has also posed challenges as not everyone is equipped with the skills or knowledge to be able to use this data in the most effective way.

This is where the SAGE Campus team comes in: earlier this year, we launched a series of online courses to teach data science skills to social sciences. From the initial idea to commissioning the courses, building the platform, and telling the world about SAGE Campus, our team is made up of a variety of different individuals with a variety of different skills and backgrounds, but what is most important to us is creatively and a passion for what we do. My name is Katie Metzler, Head of Methods Innovation at SAGE, and I’m delighted to be able to introduce you to the team for #workinpublishing week:  

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Ian Mulvany

Ian is the sensei of product innovation at SAGE and is obsessed with how we can use technology to tame the big data beast and improve the research process.

Before joining creative forces with SAGE Campus, Ian was *takes a deep breath* head of technology at eLife, head of product at Mendeley, and product manager for a number of Nature Publishing Group’s online services for researchers.

Follow Ian on Twitter @IanMulvany

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Digital Learning Specialist

Shiran Juttla

Shiran is the Digital Learning Specialist for SAGE Campus, and has seemingly endless know-how about all areas of eLearning content, design, development and technology.

With all that knowledge and lots of practice under her belt, Shiran has become the resident SAGE Campus eLearning nerd (and we mean that in the nicest possible way!).

Follow Shiran on Twitter @Crayola_26.

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Lily Mehrbod

We’re extremely lucky to have Lily leading SAGE Campus’s content team as she is bursting with experience.

Before coming to SAGE Campus, Lily helped create online courses for universities at Epigeum, and before that she was assistant editor on the SAGE Research Methods book list.

Lily now works alongside our academic partners to ensure our courses are of the high standard that our learners (and we) expect. 

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Product Management

Razvan Telitoiu

Razvan (aka Raz) is the product manager at SAGE Campus. His background has taken him from Higher Education to Cyber Security, various start-ups and finally to SAGE. Raz loves talking to users and customers and works tirelessly to improve the SAGE Campus user experience.

Connect with Raz on LinkedIn.

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Lucy Golding

Lucy is our marketing executive and resident tortoise lover (not necessarily in that order). With a background in SAGE Research Methods books, she’s now keen to let the world know about all the fantastic work SAGE does online as well.

Martha Sedgwick.jpg

Senior Management

Martha Sedgwick

Martha is executive director for product innovation here at SAGE. She oversees the product management department who are busy beavering away on all of SAGE’s web platforms and digital products.

Follow Martha on Twitter @coffeepot

We hope that you have found this insight into the SAGE Campus team useful and that it gives you an indication of who is involved in the creation of a product that is specifically tailored to the needs of a particular community.

If you have any questions email us at You can also follow me on Twitter @KMetzlerSAGE and find out more about SAGE Publishing here.

Published November 2017 as part of #workinpublishing week.