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Think publishing is about dusty books and long lunches? Think again.

Publishing is the home of creativity and communication. It's where the world's most brilliant and original minds bring their ideas to be presented to the world. From research scientists to children's book illustrators, from celebrity chefs to Novel Laureates, publishing is all about connecting people with content that matters. If you want to work in a dynamic, fast-moving industry, with great opportunities in a huge variety of roles, there's never been a more exciting time to start a career in publishing.

At its most fundamental, publishing is simply making concepts public. It's about communicating ideas, making connections, linking people who are creating content with people who need that content. The information economy is powered by ideas, and publishers are at the heart of getting those ideas out to the world and in a way that will have the most impact.

  • WIP Agenting Icon AgentingA literary agency represents writers and their work to publishers and TV/film producers, assisting in the sale and negotiation of contracts.
  • WIP Audio Icon AudioThe audiobook publishing team bring together producers and narrators to create audio versions of books.
  • WIP Audience and Digital Development Icon Audience and digital developmentThe audience and digital development teams gather and analyse data to match books with readers.
  • WIP Design Icon DesignThe design team develop the design of book covers and other design materials for the book.
  • WIP Editorial Icons EditorialThe editorial team manage the commissioning of new books, working closely with authors from the beginning of the project to the end.
  • WIP Marketing and Communications Icon Marketing and CommunicationsThe marketing and communications team are responsible for promoting books and authors, using advertising to reach consumers.
  • WIP Production Icon ProductionThe production team are responsible for making the book, whether that's a physical printed book or a digital ebook.
  • WIP Publicity Icon PublicityPublicity teams within publishing houses create campaigns to spread the word about new books and encourage readers to buy them.
  • WIP Rights Icon RightsThe rights team is responsible for licensing different version of the book, such as a film adaptation or translation into a foreign language, so that the book makes as much money as possible.
  • WIP Sales Icon SalesThe sales team works out how to get books to consumers by finding different channels for distribution.