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Temps & Temping

Temps & Temping

Rhiannon Griffiths is a Junior Consultant at Inspired Selection, specialising in temporary positions within the publishing industry.  

Q1 What is a temp role and what might it entail?

A temp role is a short term assignment, it could be stepping in for someone who is away, helping out with an overload of work or a big project. This could be across any department and at any level!

Q2 Would you recommend temping as a way to get into publishing?

Absolutely - what better way to prove your skills! However, skills is the key - there isn’t any time to train temps, so you need to hit the ground running - some previous experience is often necessary. But some roles allow for transferable skills, like marketing or admin.

Q3 Are there any useful qualifications for temp work?

Experience is the best qualification you can get! Depending on the role there may be some technical programmes, in publishing it might be InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator - you could use YouTube to self-teach, which also shows great initiative.

Q4 How long is your average temp role?

It varies! Sometimes they will initially be a few weeks with likely extension, more recently I’ve been seeing 3 month positions. Temp work is very flexible though, there’s no notice either side but I would say it gets extended more often than not.

Q5 What department in publishing tends to have the best temp roles?

If you’re looking to Temp, it’s good to be in a department where there are often roles coming up. Lately we have seen a lot of roles in Marketing and Publicity, but this can always change.

Q6 If I want to apply for a temp role, where can I find them?

An employer might advertise them directly, or an agency might - if you are registered with agencies it can be a lot faster as they can then get in touch with you straight away, as and when the roles come in, rather than relying on you seeing the advert.

Q7 Can temp roles lead to permanent work?

Yes! Especially if the role is to cover whilst they are recruiting, as there would obviously be an opening. It’s great to make contacts and to develop these relationships also as there could be something else later on down the line.

Q8 How do I know if temp work is right for me?

Try it! It’s great to do whilst you are looking for work, or between contracts. I wouldn’t recommend quitting a permanent job for a temporary one though, as they are mostly short term.

Q9 What areas of publishing most often hire temps?

We get temps in all areas - @rhiannonlouisa1 looks after Academic, Education and junior STM, @Jennie_Inspired looks after Trade, Professional and senior STM. It's very busy with roles coming in from all over!

Q10 Why do you work in publishing?

The people - it’s such a wonderfully creative and friendly industry. I love learning about new people every day and I get a real buzz from placing people in roles - nothing better than a happy candidate and a happy client!

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