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Work in publishing

Publishing is the home of creativity and communication. It's where the world's most brilliant and original minds bring their ideas to be presented to the world. From research scientists to children's book illustrators, from celebrity chefs to Nobel Laureates, publishing is about communicating ideas and connecting people with content that matters. Publishers are at the heart of the information economy, getting those ideas out to the world and the people that need them.

The three main sectors in publishing are consumer, academic and professional, and educational. Consumer publishers create fiction, non-fiction, children's and many more. Academic and professional publishers produce textbooks, online resources, research tools and reference journals. Educational publishers make school books, online platforms and learning tools.

You could be a commissioning editor, project manager, business analyst, digital marketing executive, supply chain team leader, publicity manager, developed, consumer insight manager, data controller, rights analyst... The list goes on! Take a look at the blogs below for spotlights on different careers.  

Join the campaign to promote #WorkInPublishing

Every year in November, we run a week-long campaign to promote careers in publishing. Over the course of the week, publishers, recruiters and careers advisors share a host of blogs, case studies, interviews and Ask Me Anything Q&As under the  #workinpublishing banner—opening young minds to the vast array of publishing career opportunities available at all stages of the supply chain. In 2017, we partnered with Not Going to Uni, Milkround, Creative Access, Inspired Selection, Atwood Tate, and the Society for Young Publishers. We are always looking for new ideas and partnerships. If you would like to get involved in the 2018 campaign, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can email Eliza with your ideas.

Become a Publishing Ambassador

Are you a publishing professional who is passionate about their job? Spread the love by becoming a Publishing Ambassador today! Join our network to be contacted about opportunities to promote careers in publishing, including talks at local schools, colleges and universities. If you are going to speak to students or young people, take a look at our resources for inspiration.

Write for us

We are always looking for people to write for our website. Take a look at the blogs below for a sense of what we are looking for. If your job isn't featured, please do get in touch!

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