Fair online markets

UK publishers are competing successfully in a tough landscape, with truly global distributors. 

Readers benefit from having access to a wide range of works published and distributed by multiple publishers and retailers. This ensures that the breadth of written works is maintained and that people continue to have access to a broad range of ideas.  

Consumers’ interests and the wider interests of the UK are best served by an online marketplace which ensures the ongoing availability of all written works and fair competition on all platforms.  

As the government develops its own digital trade policy, it needs to be vigilant in monitoring how the global online publishing marketplace evolves and ensure that it is competitive and fair to all players.  

It is also vital that online marketplaces respect the IP and other rights of authors, other content creators, and all those who work to provide the news, information, education and entertainment society needs.  

In order to achieve this, the government needs to support a robust, well-funded pro market-competition regulator that strives for the best possible outcomes for the UK consumer and society 

The government must also incentivise digital platforms to take responsibility in preventing the sale of illegal goods on their sites – particularly in the case of territorial infringements.