Educational resources

The educational resources produced by publishers play a vital role in improving student attainment whilst reducing teacher workloads. 

Publishers play an essential role in creating and distributing high quality resources to schools and have significant expertise and experience developing these materials. They want all students to learn from high-quality resources. 

A huge array of materials is produced every year, from worksheets to complete curriculum programmes. Publishers want to work with government to build a culture that recognises the value that these materials bring and to work closely with them during the early stages of curriculum development, so that they can offer expertise from the inception of new education policies. 

UK-published educational resources enjoy a strong international reputation, which contributes to ongoing export successes in the education market.

In 2018, total exports of physical books were worth £135 million, with a further £14 million, generated by digital exports.  

In the UK, a plural market is essential to maintaining competitiveness and subsequently driving quality and innovation, which in turn helps to better meet the challenges faced in the classroom. 

We work to try to ensure that the huge expertise of education publishers is recognised, that teachers have access to the materials they need to teach and that all students have access to the high-quality textbooks and resources that they need to learn.