Diversity and Inclusion

We work alongside publishers and industry partners to improve diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Collectively, the publishing industry recognises that it needs to do more to address this issue and there are a growing number of targeted initiatives.

We hope that through industry-led action we can create a workforce that represents the rich diversity of the UK’s population, opening up opportunities for aspiring publishers and ensuring the long-term health of our industry.

We work closely with members and a number of partners such as the Creative Industries Council on this agenda.

Inclusivity action plan

In 2017, we announced a 10 point industry-wide action plan to tackle inclusivity within the industry’s workforce to ensure publishing better reflects the UK population.

  1. Develop an inclusivity policy, which is embedded throughout the organisation and which has strong leadership commitment
  2. Undertake an internal workforce audit and providing the PA with the data on an annual basis so that industry wide statistics can be published
  3. Ensure all staff involved with hiring attend unconscious bias training
  4. Nominate an inclusivity champion on your board or management committee who can monitor action on equality
  5. Provide opportunities for flexible or agile working
  6. Analyse job descriptions, recruitment strategies and interview practices for hidden biases
  7. Develop a mentoring scheme that supports new staff or those at transitional career stages who are from traditionally underrepresented groups
  8. Ensure there is a balanced speaker panel for any events you are running or speaking on
  9. Consider hiring a Publishing Assistant apprentice or a Creative Access Intern
  10. Become a publishing ambassador, as well as encouraging colleagues to give careers talk to a local school or university

The full action plan can be read here.

This plan includes a commitment to undertake an industry wide survey of the workforce of UK publishing businesses, published on an annual basis. As part of this, two initial five-year industry-wide targets were set to help drive progress towards a more representative workforce: to seek to employ at least 50% of women in both senior leadership positions and executive level roles and ensure that 15% of employees are BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)within the next five years (by 2022).

More details on the survey can be found below.

UK Publishing Industry Diversity & Inclusion Survey

Since 2017, we have undertaken an industry-wide survey of the workforce demographics of UK publishing companies to obtain a true reflection of diversity within the industry.

The results of the initial survey were released in 2017, which can be found here.

A more expansive report for 2018 came out at the start of 2019, which you can read here.

The most comprehensive overview of the UK publishing workforce ever recorded was released at the beginning of 2020, which can be read here.

Participation in this survey has grown significantly in the time we have been conducting it and the results help to direct and target our activity.