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The PA Responds to Spending Review

The PA Responds to Spending Review

26th November 2015 

In response to the latest spending review, the PA's Chief Executive, Richard Mollet, said:

"With the highly pessimistic trailing of this spending review it was perhaps inevitable that the Chancellor would end up producing a less troubling picture than feared. But as ever the devil will be in the detail which we can analyse in the coming days. 

"We look forward to meeting with Ministers to discuss the Apprenticeship Levy; it's not just the 0.5% rate that is important but how the scheme might be designed. 

"The DCMS settlement seems like good news for literacy programmes but again we need to look closely at the announcement to ensure that these programmes are being preserved. 

"The Nurse Review recommendations on RCUK are a good way of achieving efficiency in that sector but need to see  whether the new body Research UK or the individual research councils will have the role of determining open access policy."