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07 June 2021

Save Our Books campaign launches as IPO opens consultation

An alliance of organisations has launched the Save Our Books campaign in the face of a potentially devastating change to the UK’s copyright laws which could result in fewer books, by fewer authors, for fewer readers. Save Our Books is a joint campaign from the Publishers Association, the Society of Authors, the Association of Authors’…

09 October 2020

AI and the Future of Publishing

To mark the release of People Plus Machines: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Publishing, we gathered experts in intellectual property from across the public and research sectors to examine the impact of AI on book and journal publishing.

07 October 2020

AI and Publishing: key takeaways

We spoke to Dan Conway, Director of External Affairs at the Publishers Association, and Catherine Etienne, Senior Associate at Frontier Economics, about what the People plus Machines: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Publishing report tells us about AI and publishing.