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Educational Publishing: Building Minds for Tomorrow's World

Educational Publishing: Building Minds for Tomorrow’s World

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16th September 2015

The International Publishers Association’s Educational Publishers Forum have launched a new Educational Publishing Manifesto. Educational Publishing: Building Minds for Tomorrow’s World, highlights the value and benefits of educational publishing as well as making Policy Recommendations on how to ensure quality and growth in the industry. 

A healthy educational publishing industry is a vital asset to any democratic society and an essential element of a competitive knowledge based economy.  Educational Publishers perform a vital role by producing of high quality materials for schools, colleges, universities, training courses etc. to nurture and strengthen the minds of learners globally. 

To facilitate continued growth and quality in educational publishing governmental support will be required for the following manifesto recommendations:

- Encourage an Open Market

- Enable and Support investment

- Support Teachers’ Choices

 - Professionalise Curriculum Change

- Test Technology

- Protect copyright.            


Download the full manifesto here