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Branding academic publishers 'enemies of science' is offensive and wrong


The Guardian, Graham Taylor

The PA's Director of Education, Academic and Professional Publishing offers a spirited defence of academic publishing in the context of the Research Works Act.

Writing in these pages last week, Dr Mike Taylor used strong language to support his assertion that academic publishers have "drifted out of alignment" with science – language that demands a response.

I won't comment on the multiple references to one significant publisher – which is just one of 2,000 active scholarly publishers, most of them learned societies – but it is unfair and wrong to characterise a progressive industry in these terms. These publishers are not anti-science, anti-publication, pouring scorn on new entrants to the industry, exploiting people with preventable diseases (are you serious?) or doing almost nothing to earn their "obscene profits".

...Publishers are human too, and our successful industry, of which the UK is the epicentre, employs large numbers of dedicated staff, many of them scientists, working for the dissemination of science worldwide.

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