Publishers Association launches new industry video

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Still from new industry video showing father and daughter reading together

A new video aiming to showcase the value of the publishing industry has been launched today by the Publishers Association.  

The video is the first content linked to a new narrative that aims to help communicate the publishing industry’s personal, social, economic and innovative value to a range of audiences including policymakers. 

The contents of the video touches on consumer, academic and education publishing with perspectives from authors, educators and booksellers about the industry’s positive impact.  

Stephen Lotinga, Chief Executive of the Publishers Association, said:  

“The publishing industry is a major employer and investor that has successfully transitioned to the digital age. Publishing is the heartbeat of the creative industries, the bedrock of the knowledge and research economy, and central to learning and discovery. This new video aims to help tell the industry’s story and is the first content linked to an exciting new industry narrative.” 

The new narrative has been developed following extensive research, analysis, and consultation. Its consumer-tested strapline is: publishing brings ideas and stories to life.  

A series of content and campaigns linked to the narrative will be released over the course of 2022.