Associate Membership Terms and Conditions

Your Associate Membership of the Publishers Association is subject to the following Terms & Conditions: 

  1. Personal Data supplied by you is held by us subject to our Privacy Policy. To the extent that such details are part of your listing on our website, you warrant that all individuals identifiable in such listing have consented to the processing of their personal data in this way. 
  2. As your listing will appear on our website, our Terms of Website Use will apply in full. You must ensure that any information provided for your listing complies with clause 10 of such terms. 
  3. No warranty or assurance is given by us or our officers that becoming an Associate Member will result in business for you, or that customers obtained through your listing as an Associate Member will be creditworthy. Furthermore, no warranties are given that your listing will be accessed or viewed by any number or class of users. 
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that information provided is accurate and up to date. 
  5. We reserve the right to remove your listing and cancel your Associate Membership without notice and for any reason. In this instance we will refund the annual fee pro rata for the unexpired term. When we cancel your Associate Membership because of a breach of these terms or the Terms of Website Use no refund will be made. 
  6. Applications for Associate membership are approved by PA Council
  7. Associate Membership is continuing unless you give 60 days’ notice in writing or by email of your intention of resigning from membership. At or prior to your membership anniversary a renewal invoice will be issued. 
  8. Minimum subscription term is 12 months. 
  9. Associate Members will be invited to attend The PA’s Annual General meeting (AGM) but shall be ineligible to speak or vote. Associate Members may not appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf. 
  10. Associate Members will not be invited to Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM). 
  11. Associate Members will be ineligible for election to the PA Council or invited to nominate members for vacant positions.