Our New Website

Blog (2015)

Richard Mollet, 19th March 2015

The appearance of a website is a pretty good indicator of its year of provenance, with the design cues and functionality of a site acting like annular rings on a tree stump.  It was obvious that our old site was showing its age, the colour palette and layout were decidedly so-last-decade, and some of the back office bits had simply stopped working.

Getting a new website is rather like moving house.  It takes a huge amount of time, effort, discussion, and some argument, to agree on the look, shape and feel.  You have to sift through a lot of stuff and decide whether it stays (do we really need those policy submissions from 2009?) or goes.  For those engaged in the process it can feel like an all-consuming event.

We hope that the freshness and clarity of the new design will help people to easily find out more about The PA’s work, especially around our campaigns.  Our epub; “Innovation with Impact,” highlights the developments underway in all areas of publishing as the digital environment offers the opportunity to create new products and services.

The Reading for Pleasure campaign – including our handy flyer setting out what all of the amazing charities in the literacy sector each do – is downloadable from the site.   Our work on Accessibility, Freedom to Publish and tackling copyright infringement are all also, hopefully, more freely accessible.

From the Careers in Publishing sector you can link to our YouTube channel and watch interviews with a number of people talking about their jobs and what they love about the sector.  There will be a lot more “content” being uploaded into this section as the year progresses.

Visitors are encouraged to complete the first of the new PA’s Polls as to whether you like it.  And if there are any changes you would recommend do drop us a line at info@publishers.org.uk.