Text reads: #BookThatMadeMe 
Image shows people sharing their chosen books online

Today we’re launching our #BookThatMadeMe campaign.

We’re asking you to share a personal story about a book that has positively impacted your life in any way – whether that was helping you develop a love of reading, being the moment of calm in your day or determining your career choice. It can anything – big or small, profound or simple.

You don’t need to use a template – just your words and a picture of the book (preferably you and the book), or even a short video if you are feeling adventurous!

Text reads: Share a book that has had a positive impact on your life 
Image shows a woman holding a megaphone, surrounded by giant books.

This campaign will be mainly based on Twitter, with some activity on LinkedIn and Instagram so share wherever works best for you. It’s a bonus if you can tag someone else in your post and ask them to share a book that’s had an impact on them.

The most important thing is to include #BookThatMadeMe to your post.

We cannot wait to read all your wonderful stories about the power of books!