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Inclusive Minds

Inclusive Minds

Ensure any books you publish are as inclusive as possible.

Inclusive Minds is a collective for everyone with an interest in inclusion and diversity in books.

We work together with writers, illustrators, publishers, library professionals, teachers, booksellers, charities, book organisations, children and parents to effect change. Inclusive Minds activity includes public speaking, training, workshops and events such as our regular ‘A Place at the Table’ event at the PA. We also help literature festivals to develop more inclusive programmes and we provide many children’s publishers with regular consultancy services to ensure their lists are as inclusive as possible.

An ongoing Inclusive Minds campaign entitled “Everybody In” encourages all parties to pledge support. The “Everybody In” charter has been developed for the children’s book world to help ensure real and long-lasting change in the industry. We also have a growing team of young ‘Ambassadors for Inclusion’ who are willing to share their experience in all the many different facets of diversity in the book publishing sector and the media.

We are committed to changing the face of children’s books. We believe in continuing to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes to ensure that every child can access and enjoy great books that are representative of our diverse society.

Anyone who is passionate about inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children’s literature can join the Inclusive Minds collective. People can sign up as a supporter through the website, or contact us to discuss becoming a partner, collaborator or ambassador.


Inclusive Minds


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