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Martina Borg on her Spare Room Project experience

Martina Borg on her Spare Room Project experience

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Written by Martina Borg on Monday 18th September 2017.

The Spare Room Project has truly been a lifesaver for me as a student living in Oxford and interning in London. Although the commute is essentially doable, it would have been incredibly hectic for six-weeks, to say the least. 

Throughout this time, I had the luck of staying at three different hosts, and I was overwhelmed by their generosity and efforts to make me feel at ease. I was also very grateful for their willingness to make me feel comfortable, and advise me about the industry itself. 

For someone who has always struggled with that frequently mentioned and dauntingly abstract term ‘networking’, this scheme showed me just how easy it can be. Besides, giving me a place to stay for the duration of the internship, this scheme provided me with the opportunity to get to know some truly inspirational and genuinely lovely people. Furthermore, if you’re unfamiliar with London, the scheme is the perfect opportunity to get accustomed to travelling within the city and to get to know some of the residential areas of the city. 

I would definitely recommend and encourage fellow students to put their names down for and show support to this scheme, and I will be eternally grateful to all those involved in organising and ultimately hosting me.

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