Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship

The Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship is a ground-breaking new apprenticeship standard provided to young people that is catered specifically to the publishing industry. LDN Apprenticeships are the first and only training provider to offer the Publishing Apprenticeship Standard.

The desire for new and diverse voices within the publishing industry has been a calling for several years now – the Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship provides a viable step towards addressing this issue, but it also offers more than that. It gives publishers the opportunity to make sure their entry-level recruits understand the industry and how the publishing process works from concept to consumer.

Thanks to the broad nature of the apprenticeship, it is suitable for publishers of all sizes and most entry-level roles – from editorial to marketing, artworking and production. LDN Apprenticeships work with employers to make sure the apprentice can excel in their roles, whilst receiving a top-quality grounding in the industry.

Publishing assistants will provide support for specific areas across all key parts of the publishing process from the conception of book, digital product, journal or other product through to the production, in a variety of paper and digital formats, and then to support the sales, marketing and publicity processes.

LDN Apprenticeships aim for the Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship to be the gold standard qualification for anyone starting a role in publishing. They will support the employer with training and providing the apprentice with a broad understanding of the publishing industry and their place in it.

Below are some frequently asked questions for both employers thinking of hiring a Publishing Apprentice and candidates thinking of becoming a Publishing Apprentice.

Level 3 Publishing Assistant

13 months

Off the job training:
20% a week including monthly workshop

Five hours per week

Delivered through digital and in-class learning, workshops, one to one coaching sessions, masterclass, site visits and community support

Hiring a Publishing Assistant Apprentice

Employers are expected to pay the apprentice a salary, but if your firm pays the Apprentice Levy (annual payroll of £3m-plus), that will cover the training costs.

For non-levy payers, there are two ways to pay for the training: either via a levy share from a levy payer, or through co-contribution, where the majority of the funding is drawn from the government and all the employer has to contribute is £300 plus VAT. A number of organisations have expressed an interest in participating in a levy share, if you would like to know more, please do get in contact with LDN Apprenticeships.

The benefits of an apprentice compared to an intern focuses around three areas.

Time: With the apprenticeship, most of the training requirements are covered by the apprenticeship provider, allowing the line manager to be freed up to deal with the ‘interesting’ elements of the apprentices training. With interns, the majority of the support lies with the learning and development team and the line manager, even if you are using an outside agency to support you.

Structure: The apprenticeship provides a structured supported training programme that makes sure the apprentice has a broad and full understanding of the industry and their place in it.

Return on investment: Most employees take 3 to 9 months to become fully effective. With an apprentice you have them for over a year and can see a real return on investment both in time and revenue. They will already be carrying out a specific role which makes it easier to place apprentices following the completion of their apprenticeship.

No more so than any other new starter. In some ways, it takes significantly less. The majority of training employers would need to provide is covered by the apprenticeship provider, which will free up the line managers time. At the beginning you need to be prepared to give feedback often but with the right candidate, once they are up and running, the support from the apprentice scheme means that, other than the monthly review sessions, there is little extra time involved.

Not at all. For the apprenticeship, the apprentice would be out of the office for one or two days a month. The rest of the off-the-job learning can be completed in the office of their employer, either online or through coaching sessions. The off-the-job learning can be very flexible.

Becoming a Publishing Assistant Apprentice

LDN Apprenticeships frequently add new opportunities onto their website and social media. They also advertise on other job sites – find a role that is best suited for you and complete the application form!

Be sure to think about your answers carefully before you submit your application as it is the first opportunity to get to know you before you start your apprenticeship journey.

Applications will be rejected if they lack detail, or have poor spelling and grammar so proofread your work before submitting.

You can browse their current opportunities here.

The Apprenticeship is 13 months and will run alongside your work placement (full time job).

The next Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship intake will be in May 2020, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for opportunities appearing on LDN Apprenticeships website over the next few weeks.

Publishing Assistants will provide support for specific areas across all keys parts of the publishing process from the conception of book, digital product, journal or other product through to production, in a variety of paper and digital formats, and then to support the sales, marketing and publicity processes.

As this is currently the only Publishing Assistant pathway available there is no qualification limit, however please note that this is a Level 3 qualification.

For more information on the Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship, please head to the LDN Apprenticeships website or contact