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Philippa Fiszzon is a production editor for Kogan Page.

For Work in Publishing Week 2019, we asked Philippa some questions about her career path, publishing and tips to get into the industry.

Work in Publishing aims to inspire young people aged 14-24 to pursue a career in publishing.

Describe your role:

I guide books from final manuscript through to publication in print and ebook formats. I work closely with copy-editors, proofreaders and indexers, as well as authors, typesetters, print suppliers, the cover designer and other colleagues. At any one time I’m managing several different books that are at different stages in the production process.

How did you get into being a Production Editor?

I was working as a PA. I wanted to get into publishing so I did an evening course at the London School of Publishing, gaining an editorial qualification. I also did some work experience.

What do you love about your role?

The autonomy – I’m able to organise my own work and decide what I need to prioritise each day. I also enjoy the problem-solving side of the job with each book bringing different editorial and design challenges, and finding solutions is very satisfying.

Why did you want to work as a Production Editor?

I had a friend working in publishing and found out about the industry through her. I felt I had some of the right qualities – including being quite meticulous and enjoying attention to detail – and thought I would like working in the industry.

What would be your top tip for someone who wants to work in production at a publishing company?

Get some work experience and sign up with a specialist publishing recruitment agency.

Work in Publishing Week

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