Transcript: Charles Clark Memorial Lecture April 2017


The Charles Clark Memorial Lecture is the annual Copyright Keynote Lecture at The London Book Fair, Olympia. This year it took place at 16.0017.30 on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

The lecture addressed the compromise between exclusive rights and reasonable “fair uses” in the digital age, by two experts on the Fair Use doctrine.

Judge Pierre Leval is one of the most important figures in the historical development and interpretation of Fair Use, and one of the authors of the “Google Books” decision. He joined Jon Baumgarten, widely recognised as one of the leading domestic and international property lawyers in the US, with particular emphasis on copyright matters.

Download the PDF transcript of the debate for an introduction to US Fair Use, analysis of its development both international and across formats, and for arguments in support of and in opposition to the expansion of Fair Use.

This unique and prestigious debate will be of interest to any in the global publishing industry, given the importance of copyright to our business.