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PA Publishing Yearbook

PA Publishing Yearbook


The PA publishing yearbook, the new name for the PA statistics yearbook, It is  the definitive source for statistics on the UK book publishing industry and more recently the learned journal market.  This year's edition not only has a new style and layout but also a new introductory section to replace the separate editorials in front of each section.

As usual, the yearbook also includes: 

  • Five-year sales and trend analysis of publishers' home and export physical  book sales by sector and region;
  • Four- year sales and trend analysis of publishers' home and export digital book sales by sector;
  • Estimates of the UK book market market size;
  • five -year sales and trend analysis of publishers' income from learned journals and for the first time export figures for 2016 only;
  • Five year figures from the annual survey on rights and co-editions;
  • Results of the annual production survey.

PA members have free access to the current and past  yearbooks by logging in and clicking on the link below

PA Publishing Yearbook 2016

Non-members can purchase either individual sections or the complete yearbook from the PA online bookshop. Alternatively the yearbook and its section can be ordered using the flyer below.

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