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UK Market

UK Market

The UK book market is the fifth largest in the world according to the International Publishers Association, after US, China, Germany and Japan. 

The PA compiles a free annual summary UK Book Industry in Statistics to provide a close look at what is happening in the UK book market from the side of both publishers and booksellers.

UK book industry in statistics 2016

PA members also have access to the annual stats snapshots on: 

  • Academic Market statistics
  • Educational Market statistics
  • Key Children’s book market statistics

For a more in-depth look at the UK book market, there is the PA Market Report UK 2016 by Paul Richardson and Graham Taylor (available free to PA members and GPI Subscribers) or the shorter PA Guide to UK Publishing Industry 3rd Edition by the same authors (available free to PA members). Non-members can purchase both of these reports from the PA bookshop.

PA members have free access to the annual PA statistic yearbook, which covers UK publishers’ home and export sales of both physical and digital books, as well as the half yearly statistics on which it is based, PA Sales Monitor and PA Digital Sales Monitor. Non-members are able to purchase the yearbook from our online bookshop.