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PA releases new report on the Chinese Journals Market

PA releases new report on the Chinese Journals Market


The Publishers Association’s new report PA Market Report China Journals is the most comprehensive exploration of this apparently recondite, but actually very valuable publishing sector (worth perhaps 24 billion yuan a year) for international giants such as RELX and Springer Nature as well as domestic Chinese publishers.

Written by Chu Xiaoying, Vice General Manager of Charlesworth China and Professor Paul Richardson, an international publishing consultant and educator. This new report from The Publishers Association considers the big issues for Chinese scholarly publishing such as:

  • Can China optimise its research impact most effectively by getting its top scholars to publish in international journals or by creating its own prestige journals in English to compete internationally?
  •  It is funding 20 new English-language journals a year, but where does it leave the Chinese-language journals – and  the ambition to make Chinese an international language?
  • Despite their huge output, Chinese scholars still achieve lower than average levels of international citation and are more likely to be rejected by top international journals than their Western counterparts. Why is this?
  • How can China develop international research collaborations without losing many of its brightest young researchersto the West?
  • Can the authorities encourage more risk taking and blue-sky thinking amongst its researchers while maintaining
    centralised and bureaucratic controls?
  • How can international publishing partners – whether academics or major publishers – be involved in the improvement
    of the quality and performance of Chinese research and research publications if the authorities feel
    the need to maintain close ideological control of content and processes?
  • How can the academic authorities curb persistent research misconduct – plagiarism, ‘honorary authorship’,
    breaches of copyright and falsification of results, while still putting the academic community under huge pressure
    to deliver big results fast?

The Publishers Association is grateful to Charlesworth for releasing Chu Xiaoying to work on this detailed report.

Members and GPI subscribers have free access to this report (members need to login to see the link), while non-members can purchase it from the PA Bookshop. A flyer repeating the information above is available from here.