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Projects & Tenders

Projects & Tenders


 The Aid Information Digest  is the PA's online aid service, which looks at the projects of multi-laterial and bi-lateral aid agencies such as the World Bank, DFID etc to identify those  that may include sales or publishing opportunities. It is an exclusive service for PA members and consists of :

  •  A database of some 400 aid development projects that might have sales or publishing opportunities. 

  • A regular online newsletter that alerts members to new projects and new developments in existing projects, as well as information on tenders involving the provision of bespoke, off-the shelf library or textbooks.

  • A guide, PA Guide to Aid-Funded Markets,  to provide guidance on how to evaluate and access aid-funded markets in the field of education.

  • Links to useful websites and abbreviations.

Remember to enter your username and password to login to see the links on this page to the latest aid project alerts, and in the navigation bar the links to the PA AId Projects database, useful links and abbreviations.

PA Guide to Aid-Funded Markets

 In January 2018, the PA published the 3rd edition of the PA Guide to Aid-Funded Markets to provide publishers with reasons to look at this type of market, as well as providing guidance no how to evaluate and access it. make their members aware of the opportunities that exist in the aid development market and how to access it.