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Key facts

Population: 46.77m  (2014)
Official languages: Spanish also called Castilian, and is the first language of over 72% of the population. Galician is spoken in the region of Galicia and Basque by increasing numbers of the population of Euskadi, the Spanish Basque Country. Catalan is spoken in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, and the closely-related Valencian in the Valencia region. All these languages have official regional status.    
Currency: Euro (€)
Important ministry: Ministry of Education, Culture & Sport
Trade association:
The Federación de Gremios de Editores de España (FGEE)
Annual Book Fair: Feria Internacional del Libro (LIBER): a trade fair held in Madrid and Barcelona in October, prior to the Frankfurt Book Fair         
VAT on books:
21% ebooks and 4% print.
Fixed book price system: Yes. Booksellers may only sell books at the prices set by the publishers. However, since 2007 schoolbooks have been exempted from this law   


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