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Population: 66.9m (1 January 2017)
Official language: French
Currency; Euro (€)
Important ministries: Ministry of National Education,Ministry of Culture
Official statistics office:
National institute of Statistics and Economic Studies
Trade associations: Syndicat National de L’édition,  Syndicat de la Librairie Française),  Le Bureau International de l’Edition Française
Annual book fair: Salon du Livre  held in Paris in March of each year
Translation programme: Burgess Grant is the translation grant awarded by Institute Francais in UK once a year.
VAT on books: 5.5% for both print and digital books.
Fixed book price system: Yes. The Lang Law (1981), allowed for a maximum 5% discount under varied positions and was extended to ebooks more recently. In 2014  a new law dubbed the ‘Anti-Amazon Law’ was passed which prohibits online booksellers from offering the 5% discount, and limited online distributors  to offering a discount on the shipping cost which must not surprass 5% of the order value.
Trade magazine: Livres Hebdo,


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