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Work in Publishing Week

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Work in Publishing Week takes place in November each year.

Our national campaign to inspire young people aged 14-24 to pursue a career in publishing includes free events, activity across social media and content on our website.

We aim to:     

  • Provide practical support and guidance for those looking to enter the industry including CV and interview tips;
  • Showcase the breadth of career opportunities in publishing, from editorial to IT, through case studies and job profiles;
  • Champion industry professionals from a diverse range of diverse backgrounds through Q&As with professionals at all levels of the publishing business;
  • Challenge common myths and assumptions about the industry (e.g. that a ‘creative’ career isn’t a secure one)

Work in Publishing Week coincides with Discover! Creative Careers Week, which highlights careers across the wider creative industries and promotes the DiscoverCreative.Careers portal.

It's never too early to start planning. There are lots of ways to get involved, and you can do just one or all of the suggested actions below. Before you start, take a look at our campaign toolkit and read the style guide.

Get active on social
  • Change the headers and profile pictures on your social media accounts.
  • Use the branded assets across your core social media channels with the hashtag #workinpublishing. Post the week before to tell your followers that Work in Publishing Week is coming and then again on the first day to tell them that it's here. 
  • During the week, post as often as you can with the hashtag #workinpublishing. You might signpost to careers information on your website and our website, or encourage your followers to ask you questions about careers in publishing. 
Get staff onboard
  • Put posters up around the office. 
  • Email your staff and encourage them to get involved. 
  • Post about the campaign on your company intranet. 
    Create your own content
  • Write a profile or case study for our website. A job profile is a generic outline of a role and a case study is an in depth 'day in the life' blog style account. Email finished job profiles and case studies to the Publishers Association. 
  • Finish the sentence "I work in publishing because..." and make your own Work in Publishing quote cards to post on social media.
  • Host your own live Q&A on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Gather questions from your followers in the lead up to the week and then set a time and date when you'll answer them all in a thread or live video.

If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to discuss, you are welcome to get in touch with Communications Manager Eliza who will be managing the campaign: