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What is the Publishing Ambassador programme?

The Publishing Ambassadors Programme is a volunteer scheme for publishing professionals consisting of a network of publishing professionals who are passionate about their jobs and interested in opportunities to promote careers in publishing. The Publishers Association receives a lot of interest from people trying to get into the publishing industry, and questions on what specific roles in publishing consist of. By having a network of publishing professionals to talk about their jobs and careers, the Publishers Association hopes to promote the diverse range of jobs within the industry and demystify pathways into publishing careers. By making routes into the industry more transparent, and by putting people and their careers at the heart of this, the Publishers Association hopes to attract a wider variety of people and skill sets to the publishing industry. 

What is required of Publishing Ambassadors?
  • Deliver talks and workshops at local schools, colleges and universities. We will inform you of opportunities and provide everything you need, including PowerPoint Slides, suggested activities and handouts. 
  • Write about your job for the PA website – We will provide a template!  
  • Sit down with us for a short video interview about your job that we can host on the PA website and promote during Work in Publishing Week
Publishing Ambassadors are also encouraged to get involved with the Publishers Association's annual Work in Publishing Week and will be briefed on ways to get involved with the campaign ahead of time. 

To become a Publishing Ambassador, fill out this form to be added to the Publishing Ambassador community.

To request a Publishing Ambassador for an event, workshop or talk, please fill out the booking form and return it to the Publishers Association at least 10 working days before your event is due to take place.