Publishers Association outlines industry priorities for future government

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The Publishers Association has today released its five key industry priorities, following the announcement that a General Election will be held on 12th December. 

The UK Publishing Manifesto has been shared with all political parties ahead of the election and outlines what UK publishing needs from a new government to ensure the industry’s continued success. 

The key industry asks outlined in the manifesto are: 

  1. Axe the reading tax 
  2. Commit to the UK’s gold standard copyright regime 
  3. Facilitate maximum access to global markets including Europe 
  4. Invest in literacy and education 
  5. Maintain the UK’s position as a world-leading research nation 

Stephen Lotinga, CEO of the Publishers Association, commented: 

“The UK publishing industry is a critical contributor to the success of the economy, bringing in revenues of £6 billion a year. Beyond economic success, publishing ensures the spread of our country’s culture, language and soft power around the world. 

“It is imperative that political parties understand what our industry needs to continue to thrive at home and globally. Our manifesto explains the five key asks of the industry and we urge all political parties to support these measures as they form their own manifestos, to ensure publishing continues to thrive.”