Publishers Association launches #MyThreeBooks campaign

NewsPress Release

Celebrate reading with #MyThreeBooks.

From today join the #MyThreeBooks campaign by sharing a book you loved as a child, a book you love right now, and a book you can’t wait to read.

We believe that publishers have an important role to play in keeping people entertained, educated and informed while they socially distance by staying at home. In response to the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in, we are launching a campaign to bring comfort, hope and stimulation to people through books.

Taking place across social media, #MyThreeBooks will unite publishers, booksellers, authors, agents and readers of all ages and abilities around their shared passion for reading. Anyone can share their three books (one they loved as a child, one they love right now, and one they can’t wait to read) and tag a friend (or three!) to do the same.