Publishers Association launches Industry Insights dashboard

NewsPress Release

Today the Publishers Association launches Industry Insights, an interactive dashboard containing the data from what was previously known as the Yearbook, namely publisher sales income across sectors, formats and markets.

The dashboard will allow Publishers Association members to run their own analysis via tables and charts, looking at trend data for up to six years and enable them to download any analysis they run easily into Powerpoint, PDFs or Excel.

The dashboard replaces the Yearbook of publishing statistics which the Publishers Association has been producing for decades. This has, up until this year, been a static document of around 150 pages. This has now evolved into an interactive dashboard solution in collaboration with Nielsen Books, in order to improve the content for members and make it more user friendly and intuitive.

Susan Pinkney, Head of Research at the Publishers Association, said:

“Our Publishers Association Yearbook has provided publishers with access to statistics and information pertinent to their businesses for decades. We wanted to make these statistics even more accessible and useful for our members. Working together with Nielsen we’ve created the Industry Insights dashboard. We hope it helps publishers get the most out of the data we collect for the industry.”

The Industry Insights dashboard will be hosted on the Publishers Association website and will be available to members. Headline statistics will continue to be made publicly available, as they were earlier this year in Publishing in 2021.