The Publishers Association’s Annual Report 2018

2018 was a positive year for publishing as revenues continued to grow, due in large part to strong export performance. We focused a great deal of time and resource on managing the multitude of policies, processes and consultations emanating from the government as Brexit developed. It took, with superb member input, the full range of our skills to navigate this difficult process. The most notable win being our success in ensuring that the copyright regime publishers rely upon will continue to operate as before when we leave the EU.

On competition, we engaged with the government’s review into competition in the digital economy and participated in a series of round tables between big tech and the creative industries organised by the Intellectual Property Office, leading to tangible improvements in members’ efforts to manage their territorial rights on digital platforms.

Charlie Redmayne, President of the Publishers Association

We continue to focus on a wide range of issues which matter to our members from managing piracy, to grappling with online platforms, to providing export support, to launching apprenticeships, to our work on inclusivity and much, much more besides.

Stephen Lotinga, Chief Executive of the Publishers Association