A Blueprint for UK Publishing

Front cover of A Blueprint for UK Publishing

Launched at the London Book Fair, the Publishers Association’s A Blueprint for UK Publishing comprises 10 asks of government:

  1. Maintain access to global talent and ideas
  2. Support and improve our gold-standard copyright framework
  3. Commit to free speech and freedom to publish
  4. Maintain a sustainable approach to open access policy for research
  5. Ensure quality control through national exhaustion for intellectual property
  6. Maximise our ability to export to all markets
  7. Lead the way on rights enforcement
  8. Enable cross-border data flows
  9. Zero rate VAT on epublications
  10. Ensure fair online markets

Our sector’s success is supported by certain things which enable it to thrive. These include free access to global talent and ideas, a strong system of intellectual property rights which incentivises new thinking and creativity, freedom of speech and freedom to publish, unrestricted access to global export markets, and fair digital markets. These must not be traded away during negotiations in the broader interests of striking new FTAs, either now or after we leave the EU.

Stephen Lotinga, Chief Executive of the Publishers Association