Peter Phillips becomes President of The Publishers Association

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Peter Phillips, CEO of Cambridge University Press, has been elected as the new President of the Publishers Association. Peter succeeds Charlie Redmayne, CEO of HarperCollins, who remains as an officer on Publishers Association Council.  

The Presidency transferred at the Publishers Association’s Annual General Meeting, which took place today (Wednesday 10 April 2019) at the Science Gallery, London. The event also saw Annie Callanan, CEO of Taylor & Francis, elected as Vice President and Treasurer.

In the first speech of his Presidency, Peter Phillips said:

“Publishing is an economic powerhouse, a foundation for the UK’s wider creatives, a massive contributor to learning in its broadest sense, and a great source of wellbeing in our society.”

The AGM’s keynote speaker was inclusivity champion Dame Helena Morrissey DBE, who spoke about the creation of modern and inclusive workplaces and the urgent impetus for change. 

In addition, the following elections to Publishers Association Council were announced:  

  • Andrew Franklin of Profile Books, Kathleen Farrar of Bloomsbury, and Anne Kitson of Elsevier were all appointed to Council to serve their first 3-year terms.  
  • Emma Bourne of Springer Nature was re-appointed to serve a second term.

A new Associate Membership offer was also launched at the event.