Publishers Association comments on party manifestos


Commenting on the publication of the manifestos of the main political parties, Publishers Association chief executive Stephen Lotinga said:

“We are delighted to finally see strong recognition in all the main parties’ manifestos of the importance of the UK’s creative industries – not just in terms of our cultural value but the economic contribution we make. The acknowledgement of the need to properly protect intellectual property is also welcome as this is how our authors get paid and the investment we make recouped.  It is important that whoever forms the next government also takes this message overseas. For our strong export base to continue and grow we need to be confident that our works can be protected.

“While we also welcome the recognition from all the main parties about the importance of the UK being able to attract international talent, we are concerned about plans to increase the levy on firms that hire overseas workers and will work to ensure this does not damage the success of the publishing industry.

“Finally, with both the Conservatives and Labour committing to not increase VAT on books we will be strongly urging the new administration to extend the zero rate to epublications.  Ending this anomaly is long overdue.”