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Support Creation – Support Freedom of Expression, Support Copyright

Support Creation – Support Freedom of Expression, Support Copyright


20th April 2015

The publishing sector calls on the European institutions to support a robust copyright system to foster the European creativity that goes hand in hand with freedom of expression #copyrightforfreedom

Authors and publishers; writers and journalists, artists, photographers and translators, booksellers, news agents, readers and consumers are invited to sign the petition launched today here.

Signatories will assert the importance of encouraging freedom of expression, freedom to create and preserve the value of what has been created – copyright promotes freedom of expression!

In the ongoing debate on how to modernise the EU framework, there are some who seek to convince us that copyright is outdated. We strongly oppose the suggestion that this fundamental freedom is not fit for purpose today – digitisation has not reduced but increased the need for copyright protection.

Today, we stand together to ask our elected politicians to offer their support for a robust copyright system that underpins the diversity of our cultures and allows the many differences of opinions to flourish.

Download available here.