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New Look Website for The Publishers Association

New Look Website for The Publishers Association

New Look Website for PA

19th March 2015 

The Publishers Association is launching a new website which will streamline and consolidate the wealth of content from its previous site.  It will allow for greater interaction between The PA, its members and others in the publishing community, and provide information on its wide-range of campaigns and initiatives in a more accessible manner.   

New features include:

- Up-to-date information on the range of campaigns and initiatives being undertaken by The PA.

- A regular PA Poll giving visitors to the sites the opportunity to let The PA know their views on a range of topical       issues. 

- An upgraded PA bookshop offering a range of PA publications including The PA Statistics Yearbook. 

- Greater integration with social media enabling users to engage with The PA through its different channels.

- Ease of access to PA newsletters which provide a range of comprehensive news and updates about PA activity, copyright and industry news. 

Richard Mollet, Chief Executive Officer of the Publishers Association, said: 

“The PA’s new website gives visitors a much clearer insight into how The PA works and our members’ priorities.  Our campaigning work on innovation, reading for pleasure, accessibility and tackling infringement is given greater prominence; and it is easier than ever to keep up with our on-going policy work. Through our blog, social media engagement and PA’s Poll we want the website to become a stepping off point for greater engagement between The PA, our members and anyone with an interest in the world of publishing.”

Download available here.