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UK publishers producing world-class teaching materials

UK publishers producing world-class teaching materials


20 November 2014

Commenting on the study released by Tim Oates on the use of textbooks in English schools, Richard Mollet, Chief Executive, Publishers Association and Caroline Wright, Director, British Educational Suppliers Association, said:

“We absolutely disagree that UK textbooks are not up to scratch.  UK educational publishers create world-class teaching and learning materials for schools which are used all over the world, Singapore included, as evidenced by the fact that 40% of British publishers’ revenues come from overseas sales." 

“We have greatly welcomed the flexibility this Government has introduced into the education environment and support the choice such flexibility brings.  State approval of textbooks goes totally against this and would stifle the market in the UK.  It would hinder development of a dynamic, innovative sector, would reduce choice for teachers and students and undermine one of Britain’s export success stories.” 

 “It would be better for Government advisers such as Tim Oates to work together with educationalists and industry to tackle curriculum coherence and to provide sound advice and guidance to schools that will mean that our increasingly expert and professional  teachers are left to choose the right textbooks for their own pupils.”